Is it messed up/pointless??

So you meet a girl online and she shows a ton of interest in you, but keeps delaying your meeting, she suddenly starts ignoring you and gets a new boyfriend while leaving you in the dark all the while, you immediately feel that she probably just sorta used you to help her get over her ex (rebound in a way) and she continues to ignore you, would it be considered low to message her new boyfriend and say "Hey bro, we don't know each other, but your girlfriend sorta just used me as a rebound and then shut me out all sorta recently, I'm not bitter or anything but I'm just saying there's more to her than meets the eye, just a heads up, not trying to start trouble"? to be honest though, I'm sorta feeling like if it doesn't work out with this guy and I just kinda don't talk to her, she might come back my way and I could probably get a good apology out of her and maybe make it work, what do you think is my best option?


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  • Well...I have been in a situation similar to this. Sooo ill try and give some incite on what the girl's reasoning is. Ok, first, where did you meet? have you seen each other? Pictures, Skype, any means of visuals? She could just be a romancing troll, it happens. If so, just drop "her" now. But if you have then you need to think of the factors. OK yes, she could be using you as a sort of support system, a plan B, or something to fall back on. Its always nice to talk and flirt with someone without consiquenses. Second she could be scared of meeting you, there are a lot that comes with meeting someone you haven't seen in person before, maybe you feel you won't live up to their expectations or maybe they feel you won't as well. Safety is also a factor. Gotta think about this stuff, its confusing to an individual.

    Now as for your plan to talk to the so called boyfriend a say no. There is no way this not gonna end in a fight, and that will cut you of of her life fast. If you do not intend to keep a relationship with this girl then by all means do it but if you wish to rekindle something do not. Revenge is best served cold. Silent treatment is the way to go. Works every time if you want her to be concerned. Now if this girls is like legitly having a boyfriend then she may just not initiate contact but I promise she will think of you and if you guys do talk a good amount she will most likely contact you.

    There you go, do with this advice what you will.


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