Always out of topics texting girls?

girls or guys please suggest some evergreen topics !

and ways to flirt or talk or improve the just friends tag would help ...

thanks :D


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  • 1.try playing "the question game" just ask them random questions. about what they want to do in their future

    3.ask them to hang out

    4.give them a cute nickname

    5.always text them back fast (we get impatient)

    6.if you text them in the morning greet them with "Good morning beautiful" or something sweet

    7.if you're txtn her around night time always say "Goodnight" or "sweet dreams"

    it'll leave her with a smile when she goes to bed and will probably look at again the next day along with the good morning thing (:

  • How was your day... And go from there :)

    • some more suggestions ... :)

    • Alright, how about their relationships and how their family is doing. Movies they have seen, people they aspire to be like, music. You should not worry about always keeping topics fresh, they should contribute to :) oh, sometimes would you rathers are fun too

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