How much are guys full of shit?

I have a guy friend who really confuses me, and makes me wonder how full of shit he is. He complains about being single, yet he talks about liking the attention he gets from talking to a bunch of different girls. He claims he is the "best boyfriend in the world" when he is in a relationship, yet he tells me he is single because he's a jerk and he "does what he wants." He also makes it seem like he's doing a bunch of girls, his reason being because he's single, but I highly doubt it seeing as how I'm talking to him all the damn time. What are the chances that he's full of it?

When I first met him he seemed really sweet... but when I hear him talk about himself it's like he doesn't know what he wants or can't make up his mind. He talks himself into being this big badass asshole, yet I never sensed that when I first met him.

A friend once told me that men mean exactly the opposite of what they say. Is this true? What's their deal?


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  • He is a good person, he is just struggling and trying not to look like a loser in front of you. He has deficiencies in his manhood that need to be dealt with. He doesn't feel his own worth so he is unsure of himself around women, so he never gets a date. He is unsure of who he is and as a result no one will trust him or follow him. He needs to develop integrity and strength, goals and ambitions. He will profit a lot by thinking about meeting the needs of the women he wants to be with, not his own needs.

    These things coupled with some time spent actually talking to women and getting to know them, as well as developing some social graces and quality friends will alleviate about 90% of his issues.

    No one is perfect but straightforward guidance is difficult to come by as a man and perhaps even more difficult to follow. Men are natural leaders and don't want to follow advice, they want to give it.


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  • Well, from my point of view I'd never say the exactly opposite of what I wanna say / what I mean. I mean, where's the sense in that. But sometimes it's hard to speak open so I'd cover behind sentences I think who give a hint to the thing I'd wanna say without telling it directly.

    But for your guy over there, as of what you say this guy seems like a person who needs a lot of attention... If they wanna feel down, than that is OK - one time, that is

    You say he "always" claims about being single and so on. Just tell him he should change it. If he wants to change he shall come up to you and ask for advice. But if he keeps on crying about him being single then really tell him to shut up because you're annoyed by it (at least I think you should be?!)

    Being open hearted is one thing but being a depressive guy who's crying all day is just a no-go. Help him change and if he doesn't want to then leave him alone. What Sweetness said may just be right!


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  • your friend should have also told you that he is a complete waste of time. there is no confusion dear. you want a guy that's honest right? so even if he is not what he claims, he is lying. which reason 1 to let him be...alone. reason 2, he can be shy and don't know what to say, but nowadays, that's about 90% bullshit. because guys try to impress you the first few times. just in case you still go for him, put only about 45% of you in the relationship just in case he is a jerk and insensitive bastard. :). never be a fool.

    • Sometimes I wonder if he is a waste of time. Hard part is I like the bastard. He seems kind of immature so maybe he's trying to impress me? But he's doing the exact opposite. Plus I already told him I really like him, and his response was "I told you not to fall for me" ... which apparently I forgot or something because I don't remember. If that fails, I still like him as a friend, maybe I should be his reality check when he tells me dumb shit, but he'll end up hating me. Sigh.

    • Yeah, we females have a soft spot for the worst of men, but we can't allow ourselves to feel belittled because of some guy. look, maybe you should be JUST friends. find someone who doesn't spend their time bein an ass. then give your friend a dose of his own medicine, talk about your guy to him, if he gets mad, 1,) he is not really your friend 2,) he just really wants to bang you. don't let your feelings of attraction cause you to make a questionable descision that will have your heart broken.