Prom: to go or not to go?

To make a long story short, my best friend set me up with a friend of hers about three months ago. We've been seeing each other when we can but for various reasons, that hasn't been a lot. Last time we saw each other, he asked me to his prom. I really like him so I said yes but now I think I answered too quickly. I think I might regret it because I'm socially inept (to the point of medication) and I'm not sure how well prom would go. We're both seniors but at two different schools. He goes to a fairly large school where events (especially prom) are a big deal while I go to a very small school that doesn't have a prom and therefore have no experience. I would feel bad to tell him I can't go after saying yes but I would also feel bad if I ruined it for him. (His prom is still over two months away so he could still make other plans right?)

If I do go, does anyone have any advice that would help me?


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