I'm scared and don't know what to do!

I'm stuck in between and I'm freaked out, okay this isn't a joke. So basically I'm an idiot, I never think things through. I followed advice from a friend to rp (role play ) with this guy she knew online, he seemed decent and he's a nice guy. I rp-ed with him and kinda fell for him but the thing is he never sent me any pics of himself and I never thought anything of it.

That was my first mistake, then I kinda got into an rp relationship with him. I didn't think of it as a real relationship because it was playful, mostly joking. We would pretend to cats and that I ruled a playground and he ruled the park across from it and we'd cat battle against each other. It was all just entertainment and nonsense.

Never sex or extreme kissing//touching. Just a peck on the cheek or lips here and there as a couple and that's it. But then he started saying he loved me nd cared bout me, and I care bout him and told him I loved him after bout 4-5 months in.

It's been 14months that we've known each other ( we moved fast yes, I'm insane yes) and we've been through a lot together, he leaned on me for support when his mom died a few months back. We're great friends and a good couple to some point, but he wants more. He wants to runaway and get married, have lots of kids and stuff I don't want and am too scared to think about..

I even asked him for more info bout him Because I really started thinking what does he really know about me? What do I know bout him? He's 5 years old then me, he lives 3000 miles away. And what else? He sent me a pic of himself and he looks much older than he said he was and the pic even frightened me. He looks soo.. creepy. Like a person your parents tell you to stay away from as a kid. And now I know I'm being shallow but I'm having my doubts about him, I'm a teenager who never thinks at times. I act then deal with the consequences afterward. And I've gotten involved in something that I don't wanna be apart of anymore. I don't know what to do, he has my email & fb. He knows what I look like, he knows so much about me and I feel like he'll come after me. I'm scared and I need help! What do I do?


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  • Troll 0/10

    • I'm not a troll, I'm being completely serious :(

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