He's growing distant, should I address the issue or not worry about it?

We've been dating 2 months now and you could say things have settled down from the initial infatuation/excitement. We don't talk nearly as much (although we talk every day, usually initiated by me though). And he hardly ever plans dates--it's always me. He just generally seems less into me.

I'm just not sure if this is normal or not. In the past, I've always dated the "clingy" boys who really never settled down from the early excitement. So it's possible that he might just be settling down and this is new for me. I just can't help but feel like I'M the clingy one here; I don't smother him or anything, but I am the one who initiates anything (except kissing... he does that).

So should I bring it up with him? And if so, how should I word it?


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  • Most def. How can you talk about other things if you can't talk about this? And believe me, those other things will make this pale in comparison, so its best to learn to talk now while its about something minor. Only thing I'd be concerned about is whether he breaks up with you, and that could be a chance you'll be taking. But if he breaks up now, doesn't that mean he didn't care to begin with?


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