How do I deal with dating an unemotional man?

he says he's very unemotional and I'm really emotional at times but I keep it in control.

how can a guy be unemotional and date and emotional girl like me? help?

how do I deal with it?

not him...


how do you date and have a relationship with a guy who seems to say he's unemotional yet he admiited he has feelings for me?


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  • By dating him?

    Don't take everything he says personally all the time.

    Don't feel bad if he doesn't show much affection.

    Don't feel bad if he doesn't make a big deal out of things like your 3.month anniversary.

    Don't do stupid things to get his attention, it won't work and will only backfire.

    If he says he needs space, it doesn't mean he wants to break up, it means you're smothering him.

    • OH OK. thanks Moloch. good answer. I am the loving type and I at times like to smother but have learnt with this guy that I need to give him his 'space' and so far he has his reasons which he's been honest about. I think he's more of a doer than a sayer which I respect. however we balance each other out and I don't do stupid things to get his attention and he appreciates that 'M honest etc.

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  • If you have a lot of doubts it won't work. I see your emotions as being a way to balance him out though. If I'm a depressed person I don't want to date another depressed person. That's just doubling the suffering. Also, If that's the only thing you are worried about, your doing good. If it is something you are really concerned about, then talk to him. See what his thoughts are on it and if it's even a big deal to him.

    • mhmm/ well I sort of joked about it to him and that's what he likes about me is I have a good sense of humor but I guess he's trying to be all out man. I would definitely like to know cause when we are kissing and hugging, doesn't seem like he's unemotional at all. I see warmth. I'm a bit confused but I'm in love with him and I want to work it out. thanks for your answer. so you suggest I should ask him why he says he's 'unemotional'?

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    • thank you komotion. I definitely think it is because he's the manliest guy I know but he's reliable and he has good traits except for his emotionlessness. Thanks :)

    • No problem. Glad I could help. Sounds like you really love this guy, so I wish you the best of luck. ;)

  • Easy, because he doesn't attach his feelings unlike you.


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