So I like guy A, but guy B is a mutual friend and likes me. What do I do?

I should preface this with I'm in college so all parties involved see each other regularly.

Guy A and I work together. We're also both in Greek Life at our campus as well. He's normally really outgoing, likes to party, has a ton of friends.

Guy B and I have known each other for 4 years and have been very good friends. Nothing has happened between us but he usually text me some inappropriate remarks every now and then. I've told him I wasn't interested but he keeps texting them.

Guys A & B live together. I like Guy A. Guy B obviously sees me as something other than a friend maybe. Also, Guy A tends to talk to me in random spurts, either I start the convo and it's one or 2 word answers from him or he starts the convo and it's like 2 or 3 minutes long then he walks away randomly.

What do I do? Any chance with guy a?


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  • Love the structure of your sentences. Like an essay form of sorts. I like it. :) anyway, on to your question... I think you've pretty much already figured it out on your own. You know what Guy B wants and you know he'll continue this, but you aren't interested. So he's gone.

    Looking at Guy A, I'd say you need to build up the relationship some more, but you have as good a chance as any woman. Probably even more so since you party with him and are around him which keeps you in his thoughts. Doesn't sound like it would do any harm to persue, I would just go easy so as to not damage the friendship in case he isn't interested.


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