Did he really mean it?

Okay after a drunken makeout session during mardi gras this weekend the guy gave me his name and told me to add him on Facebook. He lives pretty far away from me so nothing could really come out of it but is it weird if I added him? Maybe I'm over thinking it but it might be awkward and maybe he didn't even really mean it Because we were both drunk and all. Oh we have each others numbers so he could text if he wanted to.


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  • lol, once at a party, I made this 30 year old guy a drink & and he told me to add him on Facebook.

    I'm only 17 :P He wasn't hitting on me or anything, and he was there with his girlfriend. He worked for google, so it was a nice story to tell friends, but I never added him... that would have been really weird.

    • yeah I thought I would be weird, he is so hot though haha

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