Should I call this girl that is unresponsive at times but is always positive when we talk?

I am into this girl I've known since we were young; we are 23 now.

I talked to her last week; I was really tired and a little random in my thoughts; but the conversation seemed to go well.

the day before this conversation she said "call me tomorrow so you will stop sending me novels via text" I responded "i hate you" she said "rude right, haha" "i said you know I'm bold and impulsive sometimes and I hope you don't hold it against me" "she said I don't you are funny, call me tomorrow"

at the end I said "how are we going to continue this conversation"

she said "well I'm going to boston this weekend, so call me next week"

I texted her after the convo and said call me after you are done with the puzzle or tomorrow if available because I forgot to tell yo usomething; I had to tell her something imp. I was drunk on sat. night and sent her two funny short texts; they were random but def. funny. she never responded to any of this

should I still call her this week? she gets contacted a lot and really is busy and always apologizes if she had been unresponsive but should I take this as a hint that she was just saying "call me last week" but didn't really want it? ?


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  • I would give her time to miss you. There is nothing more less attractive than a guy that likes you too much, even with the time being considered. We like to feel like we have your attention but we fear if we suddenly become all of it. I would actually play the game with her. Even though your unsure because of her actions. If you like her then you'd better play it safe until you get the respond you need to assure your doubt. So, don't text her or call until she does, you might be miserable but it will be worth it.

    • Why are girls like this? Why all the head games? Either you like me or you don't. Why do we have to be so calculated about when we contact you? I'm not trying to be mean. I really want to understand this.

    • Its really not a head game, its instincts. If you like someone and you want them to like you back. Then you can't come on strong or that person will be turned off and completely obliviuos of you. Girls usually don't like guys quickly, we just think your cute, of course. Its your personality that seals the deal and if you contact us too much, then you just become this annoying being. Guys have their ways too though..

  • Give it a couple days without texting and calling... then call her on like towards the end of the week. if she is busy so "okay well ill talk to you when you get back" but say it nicely and positively. I think she is just a busy girl I don't think she is trying to blow you off.


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