What do you think, text him?

Yesterday me and my friends went out to a club and met some foreign students. There was this one guy I was immediately drawn to and we had a lot of fun: dancing, talking, making out. He was like 4 years older than I am (17-21) and was quite disappointed when he realized he wasn't going to get laid although he tried to hide it :p

He still asked my number at the end and gave his but I'm not sure if I should text him (and what?) We had a great time together but maybe I should just cherish the memory and let it be that?

BOYS: What should you like to get as a text or would you want to be the one who sends the first text?


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  • Let him text you. If you made an impression, he'll get a hold of you. You don't need to waste your time worrying about that.

  • Definitely let him text you first. He might not want a girlfriend, and if he does, his actions will show you!