Should I Call Him? Advice Please

Last weekend this guy I've been talking to came over and we hung out in his car for about 20 mins, we made out and I ended up giving him a bj (which he left right after). Tuesday I didn't hear from him. Then Wednesday he called wanting to come over but my brother was home so I told him to come Thursday when I had the house to myself. He said OK don't forget to call me. The next day I texted him saying: "are you still cumin?..or". He never replied and still hasn't 5 days later. What should I do?

* I know he works, he has two kids and is living with his ex/baby mama (supposedly their not together). He has also done this before where I texted him and he didn't respond but called a month later. Why does he do this? I'm 19 he's 23 going on 24


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  • Wow, no, I would not call him. This guy is looking for an on-call BJ service. So, until he is horny again, you won't hear from him and he won't be taking your calls either.

    In the future, leave the BJ's for later. If a guy you are talking to doesn't ask you for a proper date and just wants to hang out in his car and have sex, this isn't going anywhere.


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