How long is too long to text someone whose number you got?

If you don't text back right away or the next day is that signaling to the person whose number you got that you're not interested?


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  • If could do - it could also be that the persons phone is dead and are unable to charge it, there phone actually dyed and hvnt gotten a new one. It all depends on the situation. But if they normally reply to you rather quickly then it could be that they arnt interested or they could have been real busy when they got your texts nd been unable to reply and then forgot to reply later on. I personally would keep tying go a few days but I it went ages with me testing them and they not replying then I would stop rectum them and wait for them to text me.


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  • It does to me because even when I'm swamped I'll take 2 seconds to tell someone I'm busy and will get back to them as soon as possible. so, when someone doesn't text me back by the next day. . .or worse, later. . .I take it as disinterest.

    • Well a guy gave me his number at a bar (or rather, he gave it to my friend to give to me) Monday and I haven't texted him mostly due to me being rather shy. I want to, just stalling... so he probably thinks I'm not interested because I did not reply right after or the next day?

    • That's quite a different situation and not what you led us to believe in your original post.

      If you just met him and he gave you the number then wait until the third day so you don't seem overly anxious, but instead seem like you have a life of your own.