He's just out of LTR...?

i met this great guy, we clicked, he says he likes me too but is not long out of a LTR, he has made it clear he's not looking for just casual sex either and really likes me but doesn't seem to be able to relax into dating either, is this a lost Because and just bad timing or should I just give him space now, I've made it clear I'd like to see him again anyway...advice guys?,

should have added, I havnt pressured him for something serious just said id like to spend more time with him and not just for sex! and said I don't want to rush into a relationship either...


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  • I don't think you need much advice. Hold off on having sex. Spend as much time together as both of you are comfortable without feeling like you are moving too quickly. Less is more, stay busy with other things in your life and you'll feel less pressure to get him to commit before he's ready. Once he's had more time to get over the other girl and the breakup, he'll be in a better mindset to take your relationship to the next level. You'll be just fine.

    • thanks for the advice! so I'm presuming leave the next move up to him then?

    • It is okay if you iniate a phone conversation or meet up with him for a date. No matter what the venue, make sure it is relaxed and just speak from the heart. Once you've set the record straight as explained above, then agree to see him not too frequently but check in a couple times a week to let him know you're still interested. Balance is key here, and in time, ask him where he's at.

  • Just go slow, be a friend. Don't start playing games and making him work for you as if he is not ready for a relationship again he won't chase you. You both already know their is something more than friendship so you just need to let him start emotionally moving on to someone new (ie hopefully you). But I wouldn't say he is a lost cause yet!


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