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we've been seeing each other for like 3 month and it went great, we both know we love each other and have strong feelings. but we got into a few bad fights like 3 weeks ago, he was really pissed and even went out once with this girl that's been into him for a really long time but he never cared. I'm sure there were nothing really happened between them and he did stop talking to her after he realize that actually hurt me instead of just try to get me jealoused. and he came back and saying he always cared about me and he wants me back. I was really mad at the beginning so I ignored him. till 2days ago I told him we should talk, but then he was like "oh how lucky I am you finally crave". and responded my each text like a half hour later, is he still mad? but we're still going to meet up on this weekend. and I mean what I said and I still wanna work things out. now, how I act when we meet up would make things easy and smooth since it's been awkward? and so that he wouldn't be mad anymore? I mean I'll still be myself but what kinda atmosphere should I try to create?

thanks in advance everyone!


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  • You need to cut your losses and move on. A guy that will treat you like this after a couple of months is not going to treat you better as times goes on - but worse.

    Part of the problem is that he is manipulating you to get the results he wants; another part of the problem is that you are just emotionally immature enough to fall for it.


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