Cold call or text an almost stranger?

I met a girl who was so nice, kind, intelligent and I was (and am) attracted to. The only problem was she was working at a company that was my client. Due to business relationships, I did not pursue this person. But she would use emoticons to reply to my emails, handle requests I made to her really fast (faster than others on my team) and always ready to have a conversation with me.

That was 9 months ago. 3 months ago I learnt that the company had experienced a liquidation and her job was at risk. So I texted her wishing her good luck and she replied saying its a suprise but a good suprise to receive a text from me and wishes to catchup with me one day. I did not reply as I was still working for my employer and didn't want to lose my job getting close to a client's employee.

I now no longer work that my employer and wish to reconnect with her. Should I do it? What would you say/strategy if you were doing it or why would you not go ahead with reconnecting?


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  • I think you should, he seemed to like your good luck text and was pretty friendly about it even though you two (as you said) are practically strangers so you should try and see what happens. You may be pleasantly surprised

    • Thank you! I txt-ed her and was strangly suprised! have set a date and place to meet and catchup. To think after so long of not seeing this person, or even knowing her personally, gosh! Thanks again!

    • Np, never hurts to try :) good luck

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  • yes by all means, go ahead. don't leave her hanging!


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