Strange dating tactic?

tell me if I'm going crazy, or sane and the girl is just confusing

there's a girl I used to like. I made it clear to her by giving her flowers and everything. basically did the nice guy thing and she bought it for a while until I stuffed it. anyway, she now has crossed me off her mental list.

at a friends birthday drinks, I was secretly invited and she was invited. she does not know I knew this friend of hers that well. when she came, she immediately ran to me end of the crowd, said hi and stared at me for awhile. she also bought 3 friends, one couple and a guy who looked like he was a couple with her.

she sat next to me and the guy she bought sat on my other side (due to the seating arrangements). she knew we were both friends and had rejected me liking her ages ago! but at this party, she kept on touching me, punching my arm to get my attention and talking about her day, week and heaps about herself without me doing very much. she only looked into my eyes and didn't really pay attention to anyone else. the guy she bought in just sort of looked at us, didn't really talk to anyone else. he wasn't even introduced by her to anyone but me...though she never gave him an opportunity to join the conversation.

she also asked me if I can give her a lift, I said I didn't drive. she then asked the guy she bought in if she can have a lift, the guy said yes. she then looked at me...with a looonnng stare. I live 5 min away from her place, so I asked the guy as well and he said yes. I bought him a drink to say thanks. she wanted to drink from me, and I said she wasn't the driver haha.

in the car, she talked to me about 90% of the whole trip about myself, personal questions. once she learnt I went to a road trip with friends including a girl I recently met at a bar, she stopped talking as much. she then paid more attention to the guy she bought in and laughed really hard at some of the lamest jokes that guy has dropped.

later on that night, I learnt from other friends the guy and her went on their first date. she told her friend (who told me) that "she liked him, but doesn't know if he likes her back" "he asked me on a second date"

is she trying to get him by using me somehow?!


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  • sounds like she was trying to make him jealous or spark more interest. however a little soon on a first date to try and create that drama and if he didn't like her back then he probably really doesn't want anything to do with her unless he just has little luck with the ladies. I actually think she might have been trying to create drama with you by comparing your lack of car with hey look this new guy has a car ha! mature folks don't play games she needs to grow up.


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  • she wants the attention. don't feed into it too much but show her you know how to have a good time.


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