We never get the chance to hang out anymore!

I'm so annoyed. I've been dating this guy for about 4 months. We were in a group of friends that saw each other regularly, like twice a week or so. We met in this group and he asked me out not too long after I met him. The problem is, we're already seeing each other twice a week in this group (we can't ditch them), so even though I see him often, I don't get the chance to really talk to him alone very much. We're both really busy with our jobs, so making the time to hang out in this group is already too much. To make matters worse, he's really bad with communication. I send him a text, he replies back 2-3 days later. What can I do to improve our relationship?

I recently texted him asking if he wanted to hang out (like 2 days ago) but he still hasn't gotten back to me yet. I know he worked from 8am-9pm the past 2 days so I'm not resentful but I'd really like to have some alone time that is NOT a booty call.


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  • from the description you gave, I think the problem is that you see you two as "dating" and he sees you two as "fwb". since you said that you want alone time with him, that is not a booty call... so it means that this is all you are to him. a booty call.

    when you go out with the group, just pull him to the side and ask him if you'll ever have a proper date, and if he honestly likes you.

    • oh lol we haven't slept together. we're definitely dating, and we don't have plans to have sex anytime soon. he wasn't as busy last month and we did have proper dates. I just meant that I want our dates to be meaningful, where we can have a proper private conversation and all that.

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    • Yeah, I was afraid of our relationship degenerating into just sex, or something, because we're clearly attracted to each other. We're capable of having a meaningful conversation -- this is why we're attracted to each other! It's just that it's totally hard to find a time to do so...

    • well since I don't know him, this will be a blind guess, but what if sex is the thing that will make him come around more often? just ask him, why he isn't trying harder for you guys to get together more often..

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