He said he'd call, he hasn't, so should I call him or don't bother?

I'm finding this so common with men I meet now, they refuse to talk on the phone. I met a great guy, we went out on 2 dates and had a blast together but we only communicate via text. At one point, I gave him a call but he didn't answer. When I heard back from him, it was via text. He texts me very briefly maybe once a week. He claims he works a lot and has a very busy schedule. Considering that, I never reach out to him I just let him contact me. Recently, he reached out and told me he "missed me" and wanted to see me again soon. I told him I liked him a lot and wanted to hear his voice and I don't like that we only text. He told me he was sorry and that he would call me that night. But I haven't heard from him. It has been almost a week. So...

>What's his deal is he scared/nervous to call?

>Was it good that I told him I wanted to talk on the phone or should I have just let him call me when he was ready? (IF he was even going to call).

>I don't plan on contacting him period, but should I and if so how long should I wait before I do so?


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  • he's not that into you sorry

  • Let him go. Someone who is truly interested will call and make time for dates, and not be so "busy." The fact that you've been trying to reach out and he isn't should be a big red flag for you. Save your self-respect and find a nice guy to date who'll think you're amazing.