When should I give him my number??

I've recently started hanging out with this guy that I went to high school with. We've been hanging out with our mutual friends. Probably only about 5 times we've hung out, maybe a little more or so. He told me he remembers seeing me around school he was just shy. We didn't have many mutual friends or classes for that matter so it wasn't easy for us to get to know each other then I guess. Every time we hang out though it seems like he initiates a lot of conversations with me and makes really good eye contact. I sometimes catch him looking at me if we aren't talking.

I'm getting a good vibe that he's interested in me. I'm really starting to like him and I think we have a lot in common personality-wise. I added him on Facebook and he accepted. He's liked one or two of my statuses already. We haven't exchanged numbers. I'm wondering when I should give him my number or ask him for his. If I even should? Does it sound like he's interested?


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  • Sounds like he's interested, but still a little shy. Give him your number. He'll give you his. He just needs a little nudge from you.


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