Ethnicity preference on matter for women?

When you list the ethnicities you are willing to date... how serious is that for you? I'm a minority and I live in an area in the south that is dominated by a certain racial demographic. There are 200 girls in my area that are of my ethnicity and like 5000+ girls of the dominant racial demographic.

About 90 percent of those 5000+ (of which I checked) seem to only date within their own race... and almost none would date my race. So I just skip the profiles that indicate that. It's actually a real nice feature that has and a real time saver.

@Darling. NO DEAR. It's not something the WRITE in their profile. It's actually a part of and they put check marks in the boxes of what race they want


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  • I would think you're somehow rasict if you're profile for example said "willing to date white girls or latina girls etc... It is just v├Žsimply very extremly incredebly very very PATHETIC. Keep the race talk out of this please its 2012 for christs sake.

    • Dont be pathetic and comment on my answer as a reply instead of updating the question, wtf. Anyway. Its still pathetic and if I were you I would either NOT fill that part of the check marks OR click on the "it doesn't fukkin matter"-option.

    • Sorry I'm new at this site. Thanks for "kindly" educating me on how it works. I people with your nasty disposition are the norm on this site? I DIDNT fill the race box... I'm talking about OTHERS that filled it out. I'm asking THEM if it means anything to them. Obviously YOU'RE not one of them so this question doesn't pertain to you. Read questions more carefully. You look pretty but your heart is ugly

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  • I am a Universal Lover - so for me, I date guys I am attracted to and it has nothing to do with their race but them as a human being and their personality, maturity, depth. Which is why online dating is hard because you can't really get all that from a profile.


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  • Not a big revelation or anything. They prefer white guys, even some of the ones that aren't white themselves lol

    • Dont flatter yourself sweetheart. There is nothing about you that makes you automaticly better than guys with darker skintone than yours..

    • I'm not considered white as a Hispanic, latino or whatever we're called these days, that's not why I said that. It was a neutral observation. I have a similar problem as this guy to a point, but not really since my "type" is numerous enough here.

    • Which is why I said even some that aren't white prefer white guys. A lot of latinas prefer white guys around here, but mostly because they're outside plants from the wealthy contractors.

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