Going after one of the girsl in my class that I think is out of my league?

Okay first of all there are these two girls in my class that I think are just gorgeous. At the same time when you look at me it is like okay he is cute , but still someone I will pass over. I have spoken to one and found out one of her interest (girl A), still could find out a lot more about her. Yet with girl B haven't really scratched the surface, but she knows I am in the class. I would go after anyone of them, but girl B would be one that I would like to find out about. At this point I still don't even know if either one of them have a boyfriend. I feel they would be out of my league, since I am inexperienced with girls and suck at talking to girls and also the look departments. I am working on my weight which is going down, but damn I am still chunky and want to go after these girls. So in the end it comes down not having the confidence to go after one of them. It feels like if I try to sit next to one of them they would probably be like "why are you sitting here umm get away." Need some advice.


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  • Just be yourself and everything will be fine. You can't have expectations of dating any girl right away or you'll be sending too strong of signals. Then sometimes you're asking for the mean ones to play with you mind. I think its best to just play it cool bro and if you click with either one of them after a while, (oh I don't know maybe 2 weeks) you'll know when the time is right. Then that's when you ask for her number, then get more acquainted ( another week or two tops) AND THEN ask her out.

    Plus, don't think about impressing them. You gotta be yourself at all times. If you're not, then it will never work, because you're fake.

    So bottom line dude, just do you and nothing else. You want a girl who wants to be with you as much as you want to be with them. Or it can get awkward for her if you're too nice or too needy or too spunky.

    Just be a real person, get outta your head, project good thoughts around those you care about and all will be well.

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