Do guys prefer sms or direct call?

I normally send sms, that should be a polite way which might not disturb the guy if he is inconvenient. Sometimes got no reply or a few words. My friend says why not call?


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  • They both have their pluses and minuses. If you know I'm working, I'd prefer a text. If you know I'm off work and likely to be free, just call me, I'd like to hear your voice.

    If the girl knows my schedule, she should use the appropriate method for what is most respectful of my time. Doing so helps a lot!

    • Yes I agree, use the appropriate way.

      ...I don't know his schedule though... We met in twice just by chance at out door BBQ~ last Sept and this Feb... after five months we met again, probably fate

    • If you don't know, stick with the safe rule for the most part:

      During the day, text him.

      During the evening or night, call him. (Just not too late, so you don't look like a booty call or wake him up if he hits the sack early.)

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  • Calling is the best. Use sms just to convey a simple message. "I'm running late, be there by 11:30" not "I've been pondering the meaning of life and just wanted to get your thoughts." Don't use it and expect to have a full on conversation. That is very annoying.

  • i prefer a call, texting is for little children not adults, but if you need to say something short then texting is fine so long as you are not trying to have a conversation

  • If I liked a girl I'd call but I think most people prefer texts now a days.

    • then you prefer her to sms you or call you? in defferent situation, maybe you are busy or inconvenient, not always the best situation just there waiting for the call...

    • I'd rather have her call. If I couldn't talk I'd still like than she called because I can call her back when I can talk. Of course texting is more convenient sometimes and can be useful.

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