Did I scare him off?

ok this guy I was talking to for like 2 months was coming on really strong, initiating most of the hang outs, calling me, and always saying how much he liked me and could see us together... once I told him I felt the same way for him and that I would like to date him as well, he completely switched gears and backed off then told me he "wasn't ready to date yet" and "hopes we can stay friends." what would make a guy go from so hot to so cold out of nowhere? and why would he tell me he liked me and could see us together, just to change his mind a few weeks later, was it just a lie?... is it possible that once I told him how I felt, the reality of the situation scared him off?


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  • Wanting what he can't have then when he has it, he gave up. He likes the chase I think.

    • i just don't get it, it seemed like he REALLY liked me so I just can't figure it out... you really think he was only out for the chase?

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    • why is it that once you know you got the girl you like you run away?

    • Pounce isn't running away. I give her sexual healing. Show her that she can be pleased immensely.

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  • He might have just been out to get some. He probably thought he could butter you up to get what he wanted.

    • yeah maybe... but luckily I didn't give him any lol

    • That the best part because now you don't have to feel used.

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