How and when to start "the talk"?

So I've been seeing this guy for two months, we've known each other for three months. When we're together we have a lot of fun. Normally when I hang out with him I spend the night. Lately though it's gotten to that point where I just want to know what we are and what he sees this relationship as. I'm starting to over analyze everything and it's making me crazy.

This weekend we're going out of town and I was thinking about having the talk then. But how should I start it? And will he feel trapped if I do it while we're away? Should I wait until we get back and do it when I drop him off at his place?


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  • i think you should not talk about it on your hang about it when sitting 2gether at more romantic place like a garden or a park or bedroom... also you might get your doubts cleared automatically till you get done with your hang b patient~!

  • Don't put too much pressure on the talk. Just tell him your really starting to like him. I'm sure he's thinking the same thing you are, so just stay away from anything to serious, and just tell him you like him and see how he reacts.

    • We've both said that we like each other already. Actually we both said that a while ago.

    • so then there's nothing to worry about lol. you like each other, he probably already assumes you guys are a thing

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