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i started talking to this guy online a few days ago. he started texting me yesterday and we texted back and forth almost all day. at night he was working on the syrup stuff at his farm well we were texting so I was asking about that stuff to make conversation and because I was curious about how stuff worked.. then I started to worry my questions were annoying him and asked if he had anything he wanted to talk about and he said "i don't know lol" ... were still texting today but I'm worried I don't have anything to talk about and I don't want to bug him with more questions... any ideas/tips?


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  • Texting is very hard to actually have a conversation over. So why not give him a call? If you like him. It's mush easier to interrupt someone's tone than to interrupt a text message. If you are annoying him with question you can tell by the tone of his voice, or if he is excited to talk about the syrup his voice will sound eager to tell you about it. So instead of guessing you have a better idea of knowing what he is thinking. But to think of more ideas 4 topics you can never go wrong with guys is sports, music, movies, and cars/ trucks. Hope that helps!


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