How do you ask a girl to hang out? Guys only!

My method of asking girls out/to hang out isn't working.

What I do is ask to her to hang out sometime and then get her # and then eventually ask her to do something but it doesn't work.

What's a better way of asking a girl you like to hang out?

and YES, it's a girl you like.


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  • The best thing to do with asking out a girl is to make her think it's not a date. Just two people going out. Ask her too do something you know she will love, so if she loves music take her to a concert or a piano bar or something. Make her an offer she can't refuse.

    • Ok, but if it's one on one won't she know it's a date?

    • The best way to date someone is to think of them as a friend, someone you enjoy being around, and can see yourself hanging out with them. You can't change the way a girl thinks about you, so you must just see how things play out. By picking an activity you know she will love, it shows her you care about her interest. You have a better shot at landing her.

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  • I agree, the best way to ask is to make it seem like its not a date, just a couple of people hanging out. On this outing you will probably be alone for a few hours so this is your chance to show her how awesome you are, and give her a reason to be into you. Good luck and have some fun, hopefully you can get past the fear of rejection and realize how fun the chase really is.

  • ask her to hang out to get to know her better then once you know each other well enough then ask her her number. But make sure you know her pretty well before you ask for her number

    • How long/well do you have to know her? And I mean more specifically than "once you're comfortable with each other."

    • it's different with every girl, you know she will know you like her when you ask her out so just start out by asking her to hang out