Should my boyfriend be ticked off or is he WAY over-reacting?

For the past month, he has been busy trying to get us out of the financial mess we are in...he made a bad investment. He hasn't had time to take me out so I've been hanging around with my 30 year old sister and her friends who are really handsome and have well paying jobs. I enjoy being around them because the why take my mind off our situation but boyfriend doesn't like it. Nothing happens between us though, just flirting and drinks


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  • First off, what kind of investment was made? If it put him in bad straights financially, he can't afford to take you out right now. Have you thought of being a creative girlfriend and have a "date night in" and watch a movie? How about suggesting spending time together taking a walk? There are other ways you can be close without hanging out at bars and restaurants which are very costly.

    The tone of your question belies the fact that you are very seriously considering leaving him over money. Girls don't flirt with other guys "harmlessly". He has every right to be suspicious of you hanging around a bunch of successful guys who are good looking. Your intentions might not be honorable. He has no way of knowing that. If you want to make your relationship work, you need to stat getting creative to overcome the financial affairs and spend time together inexpensively until he can afford to take you out again, not putting yourself into temptation with other men.


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  • Flirting with other guys, ESPECIALLY when you take the time to outline the fact that your boyfriend is hurting financially AND that these guys have "well paying jobs"...



    ...honestly makes you appear like a gold-digger.


    Flirting and getting drinks with other men in a relationship is, in this situation, CHEATING!


    Because he doesn't like it, and you don't seem to give a damn.

    Why stay with him if you're gonna emotionally hurt him and not care?

    • When I said "you don't give a damn", what I mean is...

      ...instead of just stopping the behavior that he obviously doesn't like, you're asking a question THEN PONDERING ABOUT STOPPING.

      Which're uncertain if you wanna end this behavior with your sister's guy friends. When it comes to your bf's emotional needs there should be no "uncertainty" about adhering to them.

      That fact that you're not 100% stopping your hurtful behavior the moment he says he doesn't like it, is the problem.

    • Well said. Spot on for each count. Either you stop the bad behavior or your leave your boyfriend and chase after the money. Being in a relationship is easy when everything is going well, it is when times are tough that your toughness really counts most. Are you strong enough to handle this struggle?

  • How would you feel if your boyfriend were haning out with desperate housewives, and 'just flirting and drinking.? Plusk he feels insecure about his bad decision, and you are aggravating his insecurity.

  • i would be ticked if my girlfriend was flirting with other guys... I would tell her if she isn't happy with what she has then can leave, I don't need some guy trying to steal someone I care for and supposedly cares for me which would make me wonder just how much she does care because she is flirting with other guys.

    and there is NO such thing as innocent flirting.


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