Women give men bad dating advice. Girls, do you find this accurate?


That women give men bad dating advice?

Should men give women dating advice?

Why or why not? (For both questions)


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  • Girls, do you find this accurate.

    1. That women give men bad dating advice? Yes

    2. Should men give women dating advice? No

    3. Why or why not? To me Self-improvement & self-discovery experts should give dating advice to the genders rather than women give to men, men give to women, men give to men, or women give to women.

    Most women lie telling guys what they want to hear & most women say 'be yourself' rather than 'be the best you' and offer self-improvement advice because they want to be nice rather than risk him being butthurt.

    Most men give godawful advice suited to benefit other men not the woman in question.

    Ex: telling a woman to go out with a guy she doesn't find attractive as he deserves a chance

    ^ resulting in her either forcing/growing attraction or trying to prove herself not shallow by sticking with a guy she doesn't want

    Plus most men are a pretty combo for an advice giver as most:

    haven't been in a relationship

    have nice guy syndrome

    tend to have a "all girls want jerks that's why I can't get a gf" mindset

    are bitter

    lack the confidence to approach/ask out a woman

    don't know how or want to know how to communicate with women.


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  • Men should take dating advice from men who are good at picking up girls and keeping their girlfriends happy and women should seek advice from women who are skilled at handling their boyfriends.

    This is how my male friends advice me to date which has not worked:

    Be nice.

    Be available.

    Have sex with the poor chump.

    Dont play games and men don't like the hunt.

    This is how female friends to my male friends give advice which doesn't work either:

    Give her flowers.

    Express your feelings as soon as you can. (Disaster!)

    Buy her things.

    Be her friend (soon she will treat you like one of her girl friends)

    Dont touch her or do anything sexual with her.

    In conclusion, people are proud of their gender and nobody is going to tell you; "Don't take sh*t seriously. Don't do nice things unless you really mean them and the other person has earned your trust." I think that this applies to both women and men.

  • I think it depends for both. Because we are trying to keep ourselves honest and loving, it is often best to talk to your same gender. However, it is good to know how/what the gender you date thinks too.

    Overall, most people have bad dating ideas so if you're gonna ask them for advice, you'll get what they believe. I think the best people to ask dating advice from are people who are succeeding in the type of relationship you want. if you want to be a player then talk to a player. If you want something long term...talk to someone who is married (but is honest about the real scoop on it). Take with a grain of salt those who are single (that includes me:P), in bad relationships, dead end relationships or "perfect" relationships (achooooooliars).

    If a guy asks a woman relationship advice, she may lean more towards what her emotions responds to or what builds her ego but not what builds long term, honest, healthy relaitonship/communication. Also, what one person responds to may not be the same for another of the same gender, race. etc. Likewise, when a woman asks a man for advice, he may give her info on what makes him feel good but does not progress the relationship since if she actually takes the advice, she may not feel good doing it. Guys tend to tell grls to relax and be fun...that's a problem when there is a situation happening that is creating an issue for the woman. That issue needs to be addressed or there isn't any honesty there. The fact she can't address it may be indicative that the relationship or communication is not a good one or of her fears/ decisions. She needs advice about how and when to address it.

  • I don't think all women give bad dating advice, we can provide you with the female POV, you know cause guys find us so confusing.

    I think men should give women dating advice for the same reason, woman don't understand men sometimes and we need another guy to explain.

  • I think it truly depends on who is giving advice. I have been known to give decent advice because I'm pretty blunt about it. I also know guys who have given me great advice when I ask. Ask people who are close to the person you love/like. They will be honest and help you the best they can.

  • Men are just as bad.

    If I hear one more guy say: "Nice Guy finish last because you put your woman first" I'm going to flip a table!


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  • Yes, women in general give terrible dating advice, or at least the "professional" ones do.

    How do you know if a woman is bad at giving dating advice? If she's constantly single, that's how!

    Check out the common dating columns in popular girl's magazines about dating advice. These women are mostly in their mid 20's to late 30's and are not with boyfriends, nor are they married. They often project their own desires and insecurities on what they THINK men should do, but fail to realize that these things don't work in the real world. Never listen to a "professional" dating advice chick unless she has a steady boyfriend or husband. Her track record is suspect.

    That being said, there are some individual girls that can give good dating advice. Generally speaking, they have been in relationships for the long-term and know how to keep a man attracted to them beyond simple serial dating. If a woman can't keep a man around, there's usually a problem with the girl, or her taste in men. If she has had a steady boyfriend or two, it means she connects with men on some level and can be a valuable resource for knowledge.

    With all that being said, I think men are still better at giving dating advice as we tend to deconstruct things more empirically and less anecdotally. Our advice is easier to apply more often than not because it is more universal, whereas girls will often see specific people and relationships and extrapolate them to everyone, whether that works or not. There is some value in that approach, but it isn't as generic or can be applied to as many people that way.

  • (I realize this is older, but it feels like an important discussion given the nature of the site)

    There is truth in both sides! We need to hear all-around advice and then see where overlap occurs to get the truth that we can. After all, this is GAG!

    I think both sides will exaggerate in one way or another:

    Women will tell guys who are X years old that it's okay to still be single and that some day they will find love and that everything will work out in the end (cause NOBODY has ever died alone so there is no need to rush, right?), and that women do not care about how short or young-looking one is (though women admit they are naturally attracted to taller and older males -you know, the ones who are standing next to you and blocking you out of vision with their broad shoulders).

    Guys will tell women that most guys are animals only interested in sex (we have more interests in you women than that!), that shy guys will never change and approach you (I'm learning to approach, I think), and that guys would take being single and respected over loved and disrespected any day of the week (I have no idea where the love/respect idea came from, but I personally would prefer love to respect).

    There IS something to learn from hearing the perspective of the other side, though. You just have to sift through it and figure out why certain things are said certain ways.

  • Imo, the reason the "women give bad dating advice" saying has a lot of truth to it...is because most females are AFRAID of hurting the guy's feelings (especially when they see him having trouble dating).

    So...out of empathy for him, and selfishness of themselves of avoid "being a bitch", they give sugarcoated advice, instead of blunt stark realistic substance, to better his situation.

    Now THIS is why attracting women needs to be taught by MEN...otherwise he'll have a hard time sifting through the sugar, to find the substance, of the female advice he gets.

  • Most people give bad dating advice to the opposite gender. They say what they'd like, not what 'works' on them.

    Relatively few people are self-aware enough to recognize what actually 'works' on themselves.

    Those who do, their advice is gold.

  • Great blog. Yes, most women give sh*tty advice because when they do they are thinking like idealists!

  • Looks like the blog was destroyed by feminist.

  • Change the * to an I in the url and it works.

    Anyway, I read the article. I have to say that it depends upon age. I think younger women might be more honest about their advice. Women around 30 and older are sometimes jaded harpies and give crap advice based on their wishful thinking. They pretty much just whine. That's what you have to consider.

    With that said, the list at the bottom is kind of stupid because it's obvious. Might as well be saying that the sign that a woman is sexually attracted to you is when she sleeps with you.