Girlfriend pissed me off. Do I get angry or let it slide?

She's been hot and cold. Usually she's really affectionate and she texts me constantly. We normally talk constantly.

Today she was pretty busy, and some friends came over. She would text me about once an hour, and if I didn't reply within 20 minutes or so she would send me another text checking if I was there. It just annoys me. She expects me to tell her whenever I am with friends or out doing something, yet she doesn't do the same.

So, finally she texts me after an hour and a half about how her new top looks great. I'm stuck pondering between sending an annoyed response, or just throwing it over my shoulder and saying, "thats great, babe."

text her whenever I am with friends or out doing something* not tell XD


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  • It sounds to me like she was texting you when she was with her friends if she texted you every hour.


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