How do I forgethim while I still like him?

alright I started dating this gut at work we went on a few dates and when we finally got to be boyfriend and girlfriend, he had to break up with me, because according to him his family situation was really bad at the moment both of his parents were sick and his dad was about to pass away (we only lasted 2 weeks together)

well I found out he was breaking up with me because he had a new girlfriend...i confronted him about and he said he never told me about her because it wasn't important. So he started dating her without breaking up with me first. Then I found out she is pregnant yes he got with her because they got pregnant

Since then, he would not even look at me, he would ignore me. run away when he sees me, and if happened to run into each other at work he would give me a look with such huge displeasure

Well it has been two weeks since they broke up...completely ...and now he is staring at me, but also ignoring me, and sometimes I catch him staring and smiling at me

Sometimes, when our eyes meet he holds it and smile,. I always look away ...

i don't want to get involve with him. btu there has always been a connection between us, and there is nothing sexual because we never did it

i think he never accepted her the way she is that's why they broke up

i think this game was over since she got pregnant, there is a little innocent baby so I am giving up

idk what's going on on his mind...but I don't know what to do to forget him

why is he behaving like this?what can I do to avoid getting involve again? and to forget him



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  • Learn to move on. For now there is over 7 billion people in this world don't depend on one.


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