I am interested in this guy, however I have no idea what to do!

First of all, I would just like to say that I got out of an extremely hurtful, heart-numbing, and terrible relationship. I am not looking for anything serious at this time, nor will I plan to engage in anything serious for a good while.

Now, there is this one guy that I find cute. But I have no idea what to do!

I just want to have a good time with him, no strings attached. And he does not have a girlfriend, which is pretty much the green light for me.

Problem is, my friends made it really awkward for me. They told me he wasn't interested - despite that he already knows what I want.

One of my bros on the other hand, told me that he would definitely be DTF.

I messaged this cute guy a few days ago and added him up on a social network. I asked him if he was down to grab drinks one of these days - to which he told me to let him know when.

I don't know what else to say - let's just say that he's too hot that I've basically melted. I don't know anything about talking to men that give me a bad case of the butterflies in my stomach because it's been a LONG time since I was last single.

If you guys really don't think he's interested, I have many more prospects - so honest answers would be much appreciated.


I know nothing about the guy, and he knows nothing about me. We've hung out once with friends, but at the time I had a boyfriend so I wasn't nervous at all.


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  • Okay, well first take a deep breath... Remember no matter how good looking he is, he's just another guy. Keep your cool, don't lose it. Talk to him, tell him about yourself... If he knows anything he'll want to know. You said you don't know anything about him, well that's good. Ask him questions about himself; be careful not to ask too many though... Or he'll get annoyed. I hope I helped :)

    • Haha! Thanks dude - yeah I need to take a breather from all this crazy infatuation. ><

      Thing is, I do not really know when to talk to him. I'm thinking of inviting him to a friend's birthday party at a club, and then I'll take it from there and stuff. But for now, I do not know what to say to him. Grrh. I'm thinking of probably going to wait for him to come online or something if I can.

      I wonder why my friends would say that he isn't interested though. :S

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    • Haha, okay :) it was just a thought. Anyway, I hope I helped you out :))

    • You certainly have given me pretty good advice! However that same friend that made it awkward for me made it a lost case. :(

      Apparently he likes me so I guess that explains how he made everything stupid and awkward between his friend and I, despite how he denied it many times when I asked him.

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