If a guy doesn't like you, even as friends would he text you back? Situation is listed...

I texted the guy I like earlier and I said "hey darlin' how are youuu" and he responded a about a minute after "going to the gym", then I typed "lucky you" and he didn't respond. Cause he knows I'm into the gym too.

Im worried now that he doesn't like me because he didn't text me after or anything. Please I need your opinion. Does he not like me? If he didn't like me would he even of txted e back? should I txt him again?

i also want to ask him out, how can I bring that into the convo? should I text?


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  • Firstly, he replied back so quickly which indicates he doesn't wanna ignore you. Secondly, your last text 'Lucky You' wasnt something to really reply on. I wouldn't reply back to that. If you had said something like "oh lucky you, fancy meeting for a drink later?" and he didn't reply back at all then yeah I can understand you might think he may be ignoring you.

    I say chill out! Send him another text later on, along the grounds of meeting up and see how he responds to that. Then after meeting up you can talk about how you feel for him. I would try not to declare your feelings for him via text, as you will be waiting so anxiously for a reply back and in case you don't get a reply back for whatever reason, it will make you unhappy. Talk to him in person, see his reaction in person.


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  • if someone told me "lucky you" after I said I was going to a gym that I paid for I would be cunfused.

    He just didn't know how to respond. I would have texted you back saying "Lucky me? I am paying good money to go someplace where I torture myself, lol" that would have at least opened the door for you to say something funny or cute back.

  • Honestly I wouldn't reply to the last text you sent him either, its kind of a conversation ender. I would try texting him again and start a conversation this time, see if he tries to keep it going by asking you some questions as well. In general tho I've noticed girls tend to text back no matter what, even if just to say "K," but guys are more likely to only respond to direct questions.

  • If he didn't like you he probably wouldn't have called you darling or sent you a text in the first place. He probably got into his car or something (texting while driving is very bad). send him something in few hours and he'll probably respond

    • Sorry if my situation sounded confusing, I called him dalrin

    • Indeed you did, I miss read. In that case send him another text at a later time, If he doesn't chat you up, that's a good hint he may not like you

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