Unlikely pairing, trying to figure this out.

So, I'm kinda confused at the moment. I met this girl at school.(college) We get along well, and she seems to genuinely enjoy my company. We seem to run into each other randomly a ton even though we don't have classes together. We Skype and play online games outside of school, in addition to her inviting me to a couple parties she's thrown.

The thing is, I find her pretty attractive and would be down to go beyond being just friends but I am not sure if she feels the same. I mean, she seems to be pretty impressed that I cook, (I made her her favorite soup and she loved it and brought me some cake in return the next week) and says that I'm really funny and mentions that some things I do are "cute". She laughs at my corny jokes that I warn her are corny in advance. Basically, what I'm concerned with is that I feel she is out of my league and so I'm skeptical that she would be legitly interested beyond being friends. Any advice on what I can do here would be greatly appreciated. I don't want this potential opportunity to be squandered. And this is an unlikely pairing because she's a total extrovert and quite a number of years younger than me, while I am somewhat of an introvert.

Any other feedback from other people would be greatly appreciated as well =)


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  • I don't believe in leagues. Seriously, it's quite silly. I know gorgeous girls who are very humble and down to earth and I know girls who are mean and ugly but hold very high standards. It has nothing to do with looks or academics. It depends on one's character. So, I believe in compatability. You are either suitable for ach other or you're not.

    I see her doing a lot of things to impress you as well. I believe she likes you and enjoys your company very much. I think you get along very well. I don't see how you'd screw the relationship. She is definitely enjoying it as much as you do.

    I guess you should take it to the next level. You can ask her out casually, something like "Would you like to go to the movies with me next week?" or anything similar. Try to steal a kiss as well that day just to avoid getting friendzoned.

    I think you are doing pretty well and it's time for step two. :)

    • Yeah, I mean.. I know this situation is definitely not the worst by any stretch of the imagination. It's just I'm notorious for not picking up the right idea.. I think there's mutual feelings when there's not, and I've been totally oblivious to the fact that a girl likes me thinking she's just being friendly. It's just hard for me to draw that line and figure it out sometimes. She actually asked if I wanted to go to a concert with her.. so I guess that's kind of a good sign.

    • Well.. guess it was just friend zone sigh.. Thanks for your advice though, much appreciated =)

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