I kissed a girl and I liked it, how to tell him?

I hope my boyfriend won't be mad or think its cheating. It happened after a party, we went back to my place, got changed and then she suddenly kissed me and I kissed her back.

I'm not lesbian ( I guess I know that now) I'd never be in a relationship with a girl. Kissing a girl doesn't feel as good as kissing a guy, but it still feels nice.

We were a bit drunk, but it still happened. I haven't told my boyfriend yet, I' afraid he'll be mad. Is there any good way to approach this? Should I maybe leave out the part about the feeling nice?

And guys would you mind if you girlfriend kissed another girl


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  • Its a tricky situation and it really depends on the person. I mean, plain and simple it fits the definition of cheating. However, most people wouldn't consider it as bad.

    1. You were drunk

    2. You aren't a lesbian or into relationships with women (so no threat)

    In fact, if my girlfriend ever kissed a girl I would be aroused by it. It would completely depend on the terms of which it happened. But the thing your boyfriend may be worried about, as I would be as well, is if this could happen with another man. You were drunk, it was weird, but you kissed back without him knowing or his permission. Think if he did something with another guy. It does insult your loyalty a bit and it wouldn't be unexpected for him to feel that way.

    I mean, I'm bisexual. I've dated my girlfriend for 2 years. Before she and I dated, I messed around with another guy IN HER HOUSE. She didn't know about it, but afterward and I told her, she went ballistic. I've also had strong feelings for my long-time childhood best friend, and she knows this. The thing that makes her trust me and not worry is because she knows how completely loyal I am. It doesn't make a huge difference if its the same gender.


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  • I'd be pretty irritated, to say the least. Being drunk only causes you to lose the inhibitions that were preventing you from doing what you already wanted to do, so that's a horrible excuse.

    Would I consider it cheating? As a one-off thing, initiated by somebody else, no. I wouldn't consider it cheating, but I'd still be pretty pissed off, and I probably wouldn't want you hanging around that person again.

    If you told me you enjoyed it, I might be reexamining the status of our relationship.

    How would you feel if your boyfriend was kissing someone else and enjoying himself?

  • Well, if I was your boyfriend, I wouldn't care. Women are physically attracted to other beautiful women. No biggie.

    And if my girlfriend wanted to kiss another girl, I'd be cool with seeing them do it in front of me. Now if she wants to kiss another man, then f*ck no.

    • Really? I know I'd be hurt if my boyfriend kissed another guy

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