Do you use the same date locations for all your first dates?

Any guys out there go to the same restaurant or same fun thing on the first date with any girl? or do you guys mix it up with each different girl? just curious, thanks!

Any girls know of guys that do this?

  • Use the same first date restaurant/activity with every girl
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  • Mix it up with every girl on the first date
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I usually stick with minigolf. It is a great way to play, flirt, compete and touch a girl. It isn't as serious as sitting down in a restaurant just talking like a job interview. I find it much easier for both the girl and myself to have a fun conversation that way.

    • Yeah that sounds pretty good, I was thinking that roller skating would be good but not sure if that's too kiddy lol.

    • Minigolf man, it is gold. I've never NOT had fun with a girl on a first date. It is the holy grail of first dates. It isn't high stress, you're having fun, the girl is having fun and you get to poke her with the stick too and accuse her of cheating! There's plenty of built-in teasing opportunities. :)

    • Thanks for BA!

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What Girls Said 2

  • i'm a girl, but I've never had a date. I would try to switch it up because it would be boring doing the same thing every date.

  • No. You have to tailor it to the person you're dating

    • But its a first date, so you don't know the person that well, so I was just wondering if guys use a generic date for FIRST dates.

What Guys Said 1

  • I mix it up... don't want a case of Deja Vu :P

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