Kisses is a stress, help please

Ok so my boyfriend broke up with me because he thought I didn't like him because I. Didn't kiss him

Am an idiot believe me I Love Him

he was my best guy. Friend

I reason why I didn't kiss him is that I. Never kissed anyone before :((

I am too hella shy

other girls say he is a good kisser and I don't want to be a lame kisser

I mean imagine you kissing someone and you know want your doing but the person your kissing does not know

Any help D:


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  • he still thinks you don't like him ?! at least tell him why you didn't kiss him


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  • If you love him and want it to work out, then be honest with him and talk to him. I think some people find it cute if their partner has never kissed before. And don't worry about not being good at it. If he likes you like you like him then he'll be more then happy to practice with you until you're a pro ^^

  • You should just be honest. Kissing isn't hard, there's nothing to it. If you really like him, you shouldn't be worried at all.

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