Bad at starting relationship, great a keeping them!

so I'm like the worst person at starting relationships lately but I know once I'm in one I do everything right. I just wanted to know if any one else has or had this problem and what would be a good way to fix it. thanks


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  • There's two types of relationships.

    1. Starting from a friend- Just gradually start to flirt with him a little more. This would probably entail, complimenting him..(doesn't have to be looks, but it's always nice to hear it), making sure that you're always listening to him and ask him about himself. If he finds you interesting, he'll reciprocate. If he wants to touch you, let him..but of course don't let him touch you in anyway that you don't want to be touched just yet (this would entail telling him what he's allowed to touch, we're not psychic so you need to tell us).

    2. Starting from a complete stranger- Trickier of course because you don't already know them but, you can still do it. It's possible and lots of relationships are started this way. Be interesting, essentially. If he likes that you're asking him things and that he's asking you things, he may ask you out. If your dates go well, it should become a relationship.


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