Why would women stood up her date and waste his money?

GAG members I have a good in a good funny and a good way if you think about it so please bear with me and if you guys deal with the same problem feel free to tell us your experience thanks.

my questions is why would women/some women stood up her date and waste his money like that? like she said yes a guy to date him and he waited and he realize he got stood up by her what's up with that?

my other 2 questions to go with it if it happens to me what should I do like should I find another woman/another girl and final question is do you think I'm a jerk if I tell her off if it happens to me by my date?

i ask because like if I see her like she said oh I'm sorry and she try to get me to give her another chance to date me and of course I refuse and I tell her in her face no you will not get another date with me and I will not let you waste my time and my money.

Thanks for your inputs and you are always welcome to be jerks about it this time for this question yes I know it's silly but I like to ask your opinions for this thanks.


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  • Why would a reasonable man take a woman out to dinner. You aren't in a relationship with her yet.

    Start with just small inexpensive dates. Coffee, talking, nothing complex. Besides that, if you eat dinner with people, your wallet is going to be empty, and if they do latch on it'll be for money,and free food/drinks, not because of YOU. Simple concept to grasp. "nice guy" vs in the middle guy.