Why don't guys approach me when they are obviously checkin' me out? :p

i've heard a couple of times that I'm pretty and stuff and at school guys do look at me but they just don't seem to approach me. I do have to admit I'm shy myself and not that sociable.

for example, there was this guy in my class who kept looking at me so I would look back and if I did he would turn a bit red. and someone who was also in my class told me that the guy who kept lookin' at me would act different around me. so I told her that I liked him. and eventually everyone knew it including him. so know everyone thinks I'm hopelessly in love with him :p. And last week on Valentine's day I found out he had a girlfriend.

so help me here, Because I don't understand guys any more :p


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    Read my article on shy girls. Once you've read the entire thing, come back here and update your question. Let me know what behaviors you are doing that are preventing you from success. I'll give you further advice from there.

    • thnx , I'm gonna read it now

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    • he actually sits next to me during English. and I never really talked to him. at first I just glanced at him all the time :p. but I stoped doing it because I found it frustrating that he didn't showed some interest in me, I got so frustrated that I sort off ignored him.

    • A change of wardrobe to something more girlie than black might help. Seriously, black can look great on a girl, but it is a power color, not a flirty one like pinks or yellows.

      Your guy might have thought you didn't like him, just like you assumed he didn't like you. Assumptions can only be broken if you set yourself up for success. Change your wardrobe, smile, uncross your arms and just say "hi".

      If he's interested, he'll let you know.

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  • Because you're probably hot and intimidating to most guys who have no game. You should initiate first by being nice and saying hi or asking something mundane. Make sure to laugh at his lame jokes too, so that the guy can get some boost in self-esteem.

  • They are most likely shy. and if you are very pretty chances are they are intimidated too.

    My advice, take matters into your hand and go up and talk to them first.

  • dont drink and drive, smoke and fly :D guys are shy too and maybe you are quite pretty and intimidate them

  • Bad body odour I guess,I advice you to stop being lazy and take a bath at least once a week


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