Was it a date? I'm unsure

a guy invited me to the movies, so I went. But he didn't even try to hold my hand or touch me... it was more like being with a friend. maybe he was shy but I don't know. would a guy invite a girl to the movies to be just friends?


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  • YES!

    If you want a faster mover, then learn to accidentally

    hold his hand, etc.

    • so it was a date? I don't want it to go faster, it doesn't bother me, I just thought he might see me as a friend rather then a date if he didn't even try to make a move... not even a hug.

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    • well a friend usually just wants to hang out... a date usually has some sort of physical contact (holding hands or hugging at least)

      2- I would run if he wanted to have sex or make out with me on the first date... but I got the impression that he just wanted me to be there to hang out as friends... he didn't even flirt..

    • Because you are general gal, he doesn't know you yet ... well enough to know if this is a date or hanging out. You both will figure it out on future outings.

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