Guys, do I still have a chance?

So honestly I'm about 10 pounds over weight and none of my physical features are attractive. I do have to say I think I have a pretty face; darker skin, brown eyes,long eyelashes, dark pink lips. I also am quite a character I'm not a normal girl. I have a tendency to have nervous laughter because of stuff at home which this guy at school is curious about but I'm too afraid to tell him. Anyways I help out a lot at school and everyone tells me I'm very nice but I have no confidence. Do I still have a chance at dating? Do you think a guy would ask me out?


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  • Well, you never know...! There are a lot of girls like that...and if you think its because of your weight then lose your weight...umm and I guess a guy would surely ask you out..if he knows you better...:) be cool and happy...! don't worry too much...:) there is time for every single thing...:) hehe take care..! *_*