Why is it that men seemed to get hooked after one kiss?

I've often noticed that all it takes is one kiss for a guy to be hooked on a girl, this is in most cases but obviously not all. Guys, how does one kiss hook you? Why?

Do you expect a relationship after a girl kisses you the first time? Men seem to always feel something, where as women don't tend to have the same reaction a lot of the time, this is just in what I've observed.

I don't know this for a fact, it only SEEMS to be true.

So, is it?

Guys, do you tend to get hooked after one kiss?


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  • I don't think it's true for every guy. I think it depends on the setting where the kiss happened. Like if it's in a club setting then it can be just for fun. Sometiems the guy can see the kiss as him having a chance to get laid. It gives the guy hope and yeah it's true I feel both the guy and the girl have to feel something from the kiss. You can kiss osmebody and don't feel no attraction. For a girl to kiss a guy a guy thinks he has a shot to getting laid or thinking the girl likes him, etc. Me persoanlly if a girl kisses me I don't think nothing of it because I know the type of games that girls play.

  • No, but I'll give her more of my time if I think I'll get something or if I think it'll go some where.

    "hooked" isn't the word I'd use, unless the guys you're observing are desperate.

    My ex is like that in terms of kissing and not thinking anything of it, then again she sees sex the same way, and sleeps around a lot. Not something I really look at in a positive light for either gender, but to each their own.


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