Should I call him, or wait for a response?

We have been dating for about 6 weeks. He quit his job when we first started dating (because he hated it) and Feb. 17th was his last day at work. About 2 days before he finished working he pretty much disappeared... I sent him a text on the 17th, and he didn't reply until the 21st. He apologized for not getting in touch sooner and said he just needed a couple days to himself but was feeling great now. He came over that night and spent the night, when he left Wednesday morning I asked him when he was free next and he said he would check his schedule and get back to me... I never heard from him. I sent him a text last night saying I was out of town, but coming home today and asked if he wanted to do something when I was back. No reply.

The first time I was willing to forgive because he had just quit his job and was clearly pre-occupied thinking about what direction to take next in life... but now he has had a week off, he has been active on Facebook, surely he has had time to get in touch.

I want to call him, see if I can get something I forgot at his place a few weeks back and tell him I sense he is not interested anymore, and ask him if that is the case to just tell me so I know and can stop wondering. I was going to do it tonight to get some answers, but maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt and wait another day.

What do you guys think?


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  • Yes, that's exactly what you should do but you should wait until about 3pm to do it. That way, he's already had extra time to wake up, eat, go to church or do whatever he has to downs contact you back. So if he doesn't, then there's no excuse and you weren't in the wrong.

    • I already called, no answer... I will wait until tomorrow and call again

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