First kisses; what to do and how?

ok I've never been kissed and all I crave is to. so is it OK to make the first move or to let him be the gentleman. because so far its gotten me nothing. also how do you know if your a good kisser, I'm totally lost on how to do it? what if you make the first move and he pulls away then what? AHHH! I'm freaking out cause I'm behing. is there any excercises I can try to make sure I'm a good kisser?


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  • First of all, stop worrying. It is really not such a big deal. I actually think that first kisses are meant to be sloppy. It feels more real that way.

    Second of all, don't be afraid to take the first step. Kiss him on the cheek and see if he wants more. Practice makes perfect. Get out there and start smooching!

    • Well, if he doesn't make the move either he is waiting for you to make it or he's not interested. Start with baby steps. Start with cheek kisses and pecks. If he makes the next move or doesn't stop you then continue. And it's normal to be scared. Usually first kisses are sloppy and not very good which is normal. Only the one your kissing can determine whether or not your good on the first try as such. Good luck! :D

    • thanks I'm just afraid of being embarrsed! I just don't want him to go out and say stuff if he doesn't want to kiss me:(

    • You're not supposed to be good at it the first time. Heck, my first kiss was about as graceful as a train wreck!

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  • I know how nervous you are (believe me, I was too) but take my word for it: kissing is WAY easier than you think it is. The key is to keep your lips soft (try rubbing them together as if you just applied lipstick) and relaxed. Start off with closed mouth kisses and then you can work your way up.

  • Okay, so the first kiss will most likely suck. Y'all have no experience.

    It is okay to make the first move, but it really just depends on your personality and what you feel comfortable with.

    I guess you can tell if you are a good kisser based on his reactions. If he goes for more, smiles at you, or something like that, chances are you're a good kisser.

    If he pulls back, just brush it off. Maybe he just is not ready to be kissed yet.

    Make a homemade sugar scrub to use on your lips each night. This will make them super soft. But be sure to apply chap stick on them so that they do not dry out.

    There are a few things that you can try:

    Practice on your hand by making an oval with your pointer finger and thumb (which represent the lips)

    Get an app

    Watch romantic movies

    Hope this helps hun

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