Physically attracted, but don't love his personality! What to do?

I don't think I know him well enough... but he's so quiet! He's really nice to me though. When we're around his friends he swears a lot and idk... says awkward things like yeah that girl at the party a couple months ago was wayyy too drunk and ugly to f***. Makes me wonder if he's just being nice to me in hopes to get some... he swears a lot with them too. yet again, doesn't do that with me.

he's definitely the type of guy that doesn't need an insecure girl. we were joking about my kissing and I asked if what I was doing felt good... he was like what, you need me to tell you? idk, I'm confused. he's so nice... and then... has the moments when he's not... he's a great kisser though ha ha and he didn't try to do anything I didn't want.


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  • The way guys act with their friends and their companion is quite different at times. Guys tend to be more arrogant and 'macho,' but a lot of them will show their softer side to their companions. Thus, I would advise that if he treats you well, and you are happy, then you should continue this relationship.

    • haha okay, thank you so much! so you don't think it's just that he's trying to portray someone that he's not to me in hopes I'll have sex with him?

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    • This is a conversation best addressed in person or where physical talking is involved. Sometimes, texts can be overlooked.

    • ah. gotcha. I am starting to feel super bad I didn't do anything to him Friday night! I just received haha. I just wasn't comfortable touching a guy I hardly know. we've been talking for 3-4 months, but that was the first time we kissed/got in bed together. ah I bet he hates me. I just couldn't fully give myself to someone who's personality didn't make sense to me

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  • Lust the one you love, don't love the one you lust. Be in love with someone in love's purist form. It is easier to be with someone you love than with someone you're trying to love, if you don't like his personality then don't be with him. If you love him then stay. If you want to be happy find it. And after you find it you hold on to it and never let it go.

    • aw I like that! yeah, I think I'm trying to love him, but don't actually...

  • Sounds exactly like me.

    You know what?

    It doesn't matter how he treats others - what matters is how he treats you!

    • lol yeah, I want him to be respectful towards other people though

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    • You can give hints, no need to be too direct.

      I suppose he would pick them up and understand.. as I would but there's no guarantee about him.

    • oh, I guess that's a good plan. He hasn't initiated any of the texting lately... so I'm thinking I won't see him again..

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