What does he mean? Sincere or not ?

Okay, so I met this guy and we hit it off really well. He got my number and we started texting but sometimes he would just cut me off and say that he needs to study. Other times he would say he'll text me. He does eventually but it's always at night. Does he mean it or is he just saying that so that he can text me whenever he's bored without coming off as desperate. I'm lost. How is it that I feel this overwhelming feeling of infatuation yet he doesn't, or at least I think he doesn't. What should I do ? Move on ?


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  • when I am on the internet I get texts all the time and mean to answer them but don't end up doing so for half an hour to an hour or so, makes having conversations very hard, but I try to keep them going when I hear my phone/am not typing something out so I tell them I will text them later which is usually at night when I'm cleaning my apartment/getting ready for bed or watching the news... ya people in their early 20's do watch the news haha


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