Guys, what does this mean?

I haven't dated any guy for a few years now. About two almost three, and I have never done much of anything. Last night I went out and got wasted, which was really fun because I proved to everyone it can be your first time and you don't have to be a lightweight.(: Hell yes!

I didn't sleep with anyone, pass out, or do anything stupid. I was pretty behaved even though I couldn't walk a straight line. I called a guy I sort of like a little bit while drunk and he was super nice. I don't know if it was because it was two in the morning or what.

He says he doesn't date often because he always gets hurt, and he also tells me he doesn't hang out with just anybody, but he said we should do something sometime. He tells me I'm funny and that he enjoyed my call and it brightened his day. But at the same time he calls me bro and goes between friendly and flirty. He tells me to be careful and then he calls me babe, I'm so confused. I'm also worried my personality will be a bust. I'm pretty funny and I guess everyone was pretty shocked about how fun I was last night because they thought I was a good girl, now this guy wants to come to a party with me, but I don't know if I should take him or if he even likes me. It's so hard to read him and I'm afraid if he sees me drunk it'll be a total turn off. I'm not bad but I laugh a lot. He kept telling me not to do anything stupid and make sure to let him know I'm okay. I feel like he's playing a big brother, but I like him and I'm afraid if we get to be friends, it'll be stuck that way.



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  • It is hard to read him. and it seems like he lieks you but sometimes he does act like a big brother. I think you should hang out with him and party with him just to see what he is like and try not to get to drunk if you can help it. You seem like you have a nice persoanlity and you like to laugh which always help. And you don't seem shy. I say go for it. You don't know if you don't try. Hang out with him and party with him to get to know him more. I think it can develop into something more.


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