Screwed it up on the first date and now he's texting me 2 months later?

A little background.. Me and this guy went on date and it didn't go well. I was shy and insecure and I blew it. After the date I constantly texted him about random stuff.. He was nice and he replied back and that was it. After maybe almost 2 months he texts me to see how I'm doing..

Him: hey annette how's it going

Me:Hey ben:) I'm good, can't complain.. what's up with you?

Him:Stressed with school x__x you?

Me: sorry:( Do you wanna talk on the phone instead? If you're not busy

Him: Sorry, I have this research proposal deadline tonight and I gotta finish it...I think I'm going to the university church next week if you wanna meet then...

Me: Okay. Ill let you go then. Hope your doing well and good luck on your research paper.. gnite ben:)

Him: goodnight

Does he really wanna hang out or was he just saying that because he rejected talking to me? Also his text was sent in the morning around 10am which I thought was strange.. What does it mean when a guy texts early in the morning?


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  • Stop being shy! if you like him tell him or hint it to him. If he texted you in the morning it could have meant that he thought about you and wanted to text you. But what the feelings were when he thought of you, I wouldn't know...OR...he just texted you in the morning and the time has no meaning

    If you wanna hang out with him tell him, be assertive. Girls like confident guys and guys like confident girls. Tell him something like "i would really like to hang out with you soon, I know last time we hung out I may have acted a little(or a very) shy but I just thought you were really cute and didn't want to say or do something stupid". Don't be afraid to tell him how you feel or at least hint at it a bit. If you felt you blew it on the date, say something like "i know I was acting weird on our date, I'm just a little shy around you :P"

    • I know, another guy read this and said that he's desperate and using me for insurance.. What do you think?

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    • No I mean desperate for attention do he comes back to me as his last resort kind of thing..

    • I meant 'so' instead of 'do'

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  • He's desperate~and using you as insurance.

    • Meaning he doesn't really like me? Please explain

    • He's at a point where there are no chicks in his life...And he's going to his last resort.

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  • He probably does want to hang out with you or else he wouldn't have asked you.

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