Guys, what would you think if a friend that is a girl told you she was going over to a strange guy's house?

I met a group of professional football players out last night and they invited me over to hang out at one of their houses tonight, which is very flattering. I told a guy that I've been casually seeing, and that I was invited, thinking that if I do decide to go, I want some one to know where I am. His response was "cool, sounds fun." Does that mean he doesn't care that I might be going to some strange guy's house or that he's not at all concerned? I didn't tell him to get a reaction out of him, but I thought he would at least ask where, or have an opinion. Now I'm starting to think he couldn't care less, even as a friend.


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  • he probably don't want to sound possessive or controlling. OR thinks your playing the jealous game and don't want to bite the bait. But I'm willing to bet he thinks at least SOMETHING of it. I would think it sounds pretty sleezy if it were me personally and a girl I was talking to says she is going to a bunch of football players house to hang out and she didn't even know them. I mean exactly what do you really think they are wanting that to lead to, honestly? You think they want your opinion on their home decor ideas? negative. and I'm sure he has rationalized this himself. unless he is an idiot or just really doesn't care at all. that's my opinion. hope it helps.


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  • Both of you sound really strange...He doesn't give a f*** nor do you sound like you have any respect for yourself. Sounds like theperfect chick guys want nothing to do with unless their DrUnK!

    Get checked...the next day!


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  • He probably thought you were trying to make him jealous. But I'm worried about you. What if these guys plan on running a train on you? Think carefully and critically. Do groups of guys ask girls to hang out at their houses to innocently play monopoly? You better take a friend and some pepper spray if you go